The heart of digital revolution in the past years, with a never ending innovation process. A balance between the business and the customers can only be secured with a perfect IT-Landscape.

Restructuring of
IT Architecture

Development and consulting for the enterprise to fully integrate an application landscape


Longterm digital consultancy to get projects realized and your company in the most modern shape possible

Achieve true
data interoperability

Unite all of your enterprise data and insights, infront of a visualization tool with seamless data exchange capabilities

Future Development & Research

Building new

Get your company a perfect tailormade solution for its most desired needs and accelerate your turnover by years

Open Source Sector

Open source, meaning open source code, commonly means software that anyone is free to study, use, modify and copy as they wish. Today, open source programs power large parts of the Internet and provide serious competition to the software industry giants. In that lies also a possible solution for every enterprise to shift their business to the open source idea.

Open Source Consulting

Increased automation and integration of tools in software development and maintenance can increase software quality and reduce development and maintenance costs. The basic prerequisite for this idea is the cost-effective availability of ready-to-use tools.

Open Source

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