Corporate Social


care, connect & collaborate

We want to contribute to social and ecological improvements. Our goal is to take responsibility, connect people and strengthen initiatives.

new work, neighborhood & nature

With our expertise and commitment, we support the topics of new work, neighborhood and nature.

New Work

We commit time, money and space to a network of partners, initiatives and associations to ensure that innovative technologies and flexible working environments are addressed and contribute to a fulfilling life. We also share our knowledge and are partners for other people, contributing to a social and sustainable knowledge transfer.

  • Support for events and sponsoring
  • Offering workshops
  • Participation in various trade fairs
  • Offering apprenticeships
  • Offering master theses
  • Employee development


Taking responsibility begins in our neighbourhood. We support and initiate projects in Cologne and the surrounding area.

  • Bed sponsorship
  • Freifunk Cologne
  • Tree planting


Protecting nature is a special concern for us. Therefore, we regularly strengthen our contribution to a sustainable way of working.

  • Cooperation with companies that pursue a sustainable purpose
  • Sensor for measuring air quality and pollutants
  • Participation in sustainability campaigns

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has defined 17 goals.

The implementation of these goals requires the participation of all of us. Therefore we would like to try to make an active contribution to getting a little closer to achieving the goals.

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