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New Business Idea
Alexander Rämisch
July 2021
New Business Idea

Poor or incorrectly deployed IT landscapes are too often a problem for fast-growth companies. Much depends on using the best solutions and the best systems.

To prevent this, the structures of your own company should be broken down in detail and clearly communicated to customers and employees.
However, the longer these problems have persisted, the more difficult it is to find the core of the problem in order to accelerate growth again.

For this purpose, pi-lar presents clear delineations of the individual sectors that every company must go through. The ABCDs:

Simple but effective. Analysis is the heart of all processes. All data landscapes, systems, devices and security gaps are put to the test and compared with best-practice approaches. A detailed expert analysis is often the right start to lead the company back in the right direction.

Business development
The close observation and penetration of the whole company is key. Where is the company and where does it want to go ? Have the steps taken been the right ones or were they rather a detour.
Often sounds simple, but is often the most difficult task to create the corporate identity and to establish itself in the market. Small mistakes are already critical here and an inaccurate strategic planning prevents the growth or even lets it decline. Enormous importance goes just in this strategic phase on the digitization and future development, especially with critical data is often treated only sporadically by providers to push the price.

Consulting is the backbone of any technology company and especially in the field of digitalization and transformation an irreplaceable part for a successful establishment of a company. therefore, an expertise is invaluable, which is usually also based on a lot of experience.
Finding the right partner here is often particularly difficult on a personal level, as complex levels are often not understood in detail and are therefore bypassed.

The development is after the planning the actual implementation of all your wishes. Whether start-up or big-player everything comes down to the end, which IT solution is right for the company or whether even a whole new solution must be developed. Here, too, often only the desired is offered and not the solutions that would be important in the future are shown. This includes cyber security, green IT and IT ethics.

Management & operations
The company has its new architecture, but how is it operated, what can be done with it and how can it be developed further. All of this requires training, familiarization and consulting.
Often neglected is the employee, who cannot directly understand the full spectrum of each structure.

As you can see, in the course of the enormous speed of digitization, many problems have arisen that are more nestled in an ongoing process than are really worked through on a one-off basis.
Ideally, this process should be developed and managed with a partner who fully understands the architectural landscape and has the necessary expertise in digital development and consulting.

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