Zero Trust – An Introduction (frOSCon talk 2020) »

Zero Trust - A Paradigm Shift.png

Summary of our talk at frOSCon 2020

Once again we were happy to be part of Germany’s biggest free and open-source conference frOSCon. As you can guess it was held virtually. Although we missed the personal chats and discussions we always enjoyed as exhibitors, it was a pleasure to present our thoughts on zero trust to the audience. Read this summary based on the transcript or find the talk on …

Gestatten, pi-lar! »

Gestatten, pi-lar

Hallo liebe Mitmenschen,

wie geht es Euch?
Wir kennen uns nur teileweise live und in Farbe, daher möchten wir Euch uns nochmals vorstellen!

Wir, das sind aktuell sieben Menschen, die als ein Team auf dem Raumschiff pi-lar enterprise architects engagiert und vielseitig mitreisen. Als Unternehmen bieten wir full-service IT Dienstleistungen an. Ganz einfach gesprochen bedeutet das z.B.: wir verbinden Eure Systeme und Anwendungen miteinander, wir sichern Euch und Eure Daten …

A ZeroTrust Security Scenario »

Zerotrust scenario neuropil Calamity Chris

Today, rushing to work Calamity Chris had an accident with his motorbike. Luckily, he was just around the corner from Dr. SiTh’s* practice. Apart from taking care of Chris’s injured wrist, she needs to record information, starting with personal data like his name and his social security number. She also gives a medical diagnosis and refers him to Dr. Bone for an x-ray, who will generate further data.

While Chris …

Premeries Everywhere »


Hello friends,

how are you keeping up? These past couple of weeks have brought about numerous premieres for all of us. While some aspects have been demanding, others have been eye-opening. Throughout all of this, one approach has proven itself useful in getting things done. But first, here comes a selection of some of our premieres:

Like so many others we were faced with setting up workspaces at home in …